Volunteering and traveling in Argentina to proclaim God's great love, and hopefully not getting sick along the way.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 91

Today was what I like to call un lío. As I entered the girls' institute, I could sense said lío coming upon me.

"None of the girls will be there this morning," said one of the workers.

While anger was slowly stirring within me, it was as if a giant hand touched my shoulder. Slow down. Breathe.

This is only a test.

And in the end, I have one less day with the girls, and yet, I have an added opportunity to visit on weekends. So I can't complain. I dunno.

I read the Bible with Gladys. We read a little bit of everything, and I was once again able to share the good news with her. I pray the Spirit really moves in her to understand. We might watch the Jesus film this Wednesday, so who knows?

Worked on various life plans. Don't know any other way to explain that.

Met to talk with Marisol and Marco. Camp season feels like it's coming up so fast!

Home to work on details for camp and then prayer meeting. Now I must get back to chatting with Cristian (he's so fun!). Love and chau!

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