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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 103 and 102

On Wednesday, I had to deal with technology issues.

Currently, I write from my friend's computer because on Tuesday evening, the computer, my precious MacBook Pro, died. Which meant Wednesday morning would be very full.

First there was Bible study where none of the girls came. In part to our driver waking up late, and perhaps in part to my phone also being dead (no worries, it's okay, just needed to be recharged). I didn't worry too much either, because I felt like maybe God was protecting me and giving me time to talk it out (and cover other interesting topics) with my fellow Bible study leader and friend, Andrea.

From there, I went to the center to buy a new phone line. We are switching companies because the prices of the one we are with have gotten ridiculous. This seems to be an international phenomenon. The woman at the desk was very helpful nonetheless, even when I told her that I might not be in Argentina for much longer. I asked her how I could suspend my line.

"Just tell them you got robbed," she says, without blinking an eye.

I asked her to write it down on one of the pages of my contract just to make sure I heard her correctly. That's right, ladies and gents, I have written confirmation that I have to lie in order to stop the company from continuing to charge me.

Any way, per usual in the Argentina waiting department, that took over an hour. Then I went to the one of two Apple stores in the city and that are quite small and scarce of merchandise. Nevertheless, the overall Mac feel of the place is genuine. An incredible peace bestowed upon me as I entered the door. Perhaps they had programmed the sound of the computer starting as I opened the door, or maybe I am just hearing things.

Turns out the computer is fine, the charger, however, no longer works. Long story short, I charged my battery with what they had and my only hope for getting a new charger any time soon is from a guy in England. But I promise, it's more legit than saying I got robbed. I will just have to wait a bit, and remember that things could have been much worse!

I had gone to the main office of the cell phone company that has not been helpful over the past year. They wouldn't give me my number to "liberate" the phone in order to put the new chip in it (and it`s the same reason I couldn't just use the phone my dad had given me at the beginning of my journey here). Only the one in charge of the phone lines (my mentor), could get the number.

Came home with just a small enough window to siesta the negative feelings of figuring out phones and computers before going to see Gladys in the institute. We had a lovely time actually. I had bought some more beads, since they seem to really like making this sort of jewelry. And I say 'they' because most of them were home instead of school for various excuses.

Afterwards, my mentor and I worked together to try to fix the phone issue. No avail. Had to wait for an unforeseen time. My chip for the other card just stared at me longingly, 'So much freedom when you use me!' I felt it saying. Once again, I have the tendency of hearing things.

Okay, way too much information for one day, but I figured I will want to read this and laugh about it at a later date. Or cry. Who knows?

Today, day 102 (what?!), was clean house and hang out with Mariela! I got to clean mold that I had found recently, so that was interesting. Super fan of bleach now. And rubber gloves. Eva and I had a nice vegetable and rice meal as she had just returned from her home visit.

OH! Super important. Visa info arrived in my email today! We are yet another step closer to wedding bells!!

Mariela and I were supposed to visit Ale. Yes, that Ale. But when I talked to her one more time to verify our visit, she said she couldn't. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, we decided to go to the movies. It is perhaps better for me to focus on the conversation before and after. I am very concerned for her these days. She has literally nothing to do for now while she waits for Pólice Academy to start in September. I have learned that boredom usually leads to sin. That and other factors in her life, causes me to intercede for her more than I ever have before.

So yes. Good time together, even if the movie was 300. The second one. 302?? Any way..

I came home to a phone that finally let me change chips so all is well again. Ha.

God is good and not just because He fixes technology issues.

love and chau!!

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