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Sunday, March 30, 2014

94 93 92..

Day 95 actually ended on a high note, sharing the evening with my long time police friend, Romina. She has another child now, Latauro, so it was fun to watch him crawl around and run into things. Oh kids, and how I have so much to learn for if and when that time comes to have a couple of my own (what?!).

Day 94: Friday once again, meetings. This week we talked about God's timing. How he often has to help us realize our need for salvation before he can offer it. Then in the meeting with the team as a whole, we caught up on a few ministries as well as talked about evangelism.*

A new volunteer-type came in to see what we're about. Had a good talk, and Lord willing, he will be helping out in the CI Camps!

Then for the evening I stayed home with Eva watching Miranda and chatting about life in general. Icing on the cake in talking with Cristian soon after that. mmhmm

Day 93: Spent my day off cleaning and taking care of various errands. I am trying to plan out all of the Bible studies for the girls in the institute to make sure I cover the bases about Jesus. We need to pray for God's covering over these times together. That the girls can learn, the Holy Spirit can churn.. I'm all out of rhymes. But basically, that Jesus would become real to them!

Andrea G came over and we had a great chat about the future. There is a lot ahead of us, and I am thankful for her friendship to help my mind process all the changes.

During the evening, I prepared some sloppy joes for my friends Ale and Laura. I also wanted to do something special, so I made a little scavenger hunt within the house where they ended up finding the treasure--an alfajor for dessert. hehe. It was fun to make and watch them frantically search for their clues. I don't think one is too old to look for treasure.

Day 92: Sunday. The official day of rest. Although, I still managed to find details to take care of. One thing on my list for today was to better organize the extra sheets and towels that we have for guests. In the middle of this, I found mold growing. Gross. Long story short, I had to add to my list, wash all the guest towels in extra hot water in order to kill the mold.

Later I met with Andrea K who challenged me to live out these last days in Córdoba to the fullest. I told her about the blog and she simply said, "Good." Nevertheless, her motivation is always an extra, and loving push, for me to keep striving for the utmost!

Which meant...

I then shared the gospel with a woman on the street who was outside with her dog. When she saw me, somehow it just naturally flowed to conversation, which naturaly led to Jesus. So yeah. Thanks God!

Aaaaand, I talked on the phone with one of the girls who formally lived in the institute. She promised to come to church next week!

OH.. and I might be preaching that Sunday. Time will tell...

Week of 91-86, here we come!!! Love and chau!

*I have already gotten a couple of comments saying that the meetings are much more interesting this year. I find that this is an important contribution to my service to OM. Please pray with me for someone to continue the format after I am gone.

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