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Thursday, March 27, 2014

A lot of catching up to do!

This is life without a computer.

Thankfully, Eva lets me borrow hers every now and then, and currently, I get the joy of playing on Samuel's MacBook Air. Not a bad gig. No worries folks, by April 9th I will be up and running again, Lord willing. In the mean time...

Day 101: Friday meetings. The Bible study was without our leader, so I had to step in. I invited everyone to share what they are reading, and it was neat to hear about what our team is learning from all over the Scripture.

The team meeting was also quite fun, as it was discussion driven over how we should improve the way we welcome new team members. For the evening, I stayed inside with Eva, watching a few episodes of Miranda and preparing for the girl' institute.

Day 100: Cristian would show up for day 100!! He surprised me on this visit, as he has a friend who is also dating someone in Córdoba. So yeah.. free trip. Which we celebrated by going to Aslan's 3rd birthday. It was Mickey Mouse themed, and it was awesome.

Afterward, we went bowling. It was the first time Cristian has ever played a true game! I had to teach him how to roll the ball, and then he beat me. What nerve! Haha. We had a great time.

Day 99: Cristian and I walked to Jesucristo Rey for the morning. The sermon was on nutrition and how we ought to eat better because God has already made things good. We have distorted them with things like cheetos and doughnuts. While I flippantly summarize the meeting as such, it was actually very convicting. Cristian and I continued talking about it all through lunch!

Then we watched Lone Survivor. Read, way too many emotions for one day. Good movie. Tough movie. You'll just have to see it for yourself.

Church in the evening was a get together at one of the church family's home. They ate chorizos; we played mafia like we were in high school again.

Day 98: I went to the girls' institute where we read about Joseph and his coat of many colors, as well as his time with Potiphar's wife. The girls' were able to compare what they had learned about David to Joseph, and distinguish that sins are not only committed against man, but moreso, against God. Fantastic!

For the afternoon, Cristian and I had some visa stuff to do (oh, we had also done a lot of this on Saturday morning). We reviewed all the paperwork that was lacking. Overall, we feel pretty good about it. We just have to wait until May for the last vaccination before we can really move forward. This gives me time to work on his parents' visas so they can come later for the wedding!

Later we had to go to the terminal where we said our bittersweet goodbyes until the next occasion. Still, I can't complain for all the moments we have been able to share together in last few months!

Day 97: Stop time, you are going way too fast!! Ah yes.. institute. A complicated story, but the short of it is I ended up playing with the kiddos the whole time. I think they are really getting used to me! Praise God. Seriously.

Tuesday afternoon was sleep and wedding planning. And perhaps another episode of Miranda. ha.

Day 96: For the morning we were able to officially have our first pre-teen Bible study. We loved it! We being Andrea and myself. The three girls we have prayed for most came, and are excited to continue. We noticed how each of them is at a completely different level of learning, but that they are all interested. Keep praying for Aylen, Dara and Dalma!

Then in the afternoon, I hung out with Gladys and we made a really cool bracelet together. I just love when she goes around showing everyone the things that we have made together.

I was supposed to visit a friend later, but she had to cancel. More wedding planning then!

Day 95: Today. Morning with the kiddos in the institute. I have noticed more and more of the details of their character. I try to bring simple games that we can all play together. At the same time, I try to adapt to their uber short attention spans. I think I will make for a very strange mother some day.

Lunch with the Greens, Laura and Eva. Then I finished reading a fantastic read, Pasión por las almas. Now I am here preparing for tomorrow's meeting(s) and catching up in the old blog. However, I do have some laundry to finish, and other chores to take care of! chau and love!!

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