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Friday, April 4, 2014

Days 90, 89, 88 and 87

The whole, sometimes having a computer and sometimes not throws me off. Pardon my absence!

Day 90 (Tuesday): Taught the girls at the institute a new bracelet which they picked up rather quickly. Afterward, I met with Andrea G to plan the pre-teen Bible study. Then home to do some CI camp work. Then I watched the finale of HIMYM. tear.

Then dinner and bed. I must admit that a lot was accomplished on Tuesday, but it felt very systematic due to the strange changes going on in the institute.

Day 89: In the morning, a relaxing and great question-filled time with the pre-teens. I am thankful for their questions, because it means they are interested in truly knowing God.

For the afternoon, again in the institute, and to my surprise, all the girls were there! If there has been a week that challenges my flexibility, it's this one! So I taught some of the girls how to spell their names in a bracelet, while I played the Jesus film in the background. Gladys mainly paid attention to that, since her self-confidence to learn something new is rather low. Thankfully, the other girls too would comment on the stories about Jesus, so we had good conversation.

I came home to Samuel in the shed, so I asked for his help on an art project that would be simple for Gladys. I have a picture on Facebook of my version. Next week, I will try to post how hers turns out.

Day 88: Thursday morning with the girls again, and once again, all of them were there. This time though, I tried focusing on the Jesus film that we couldn't finish the previous day. There is definitely some spiritual warfare going on for her attention in the film. She kept asking when they were going to crucify Jesus. It's the part she remembers from a Catholic church back home teaching her.

When the later scene about the resurrection past, she was surprised. "Did you know that God is not dead?" I asked her. "Oh yes, of course," she replied.

In the early afternoon, I went to Mariela and Nieves' house. I taught Mariela the new bracelet, then did an interview with Nieves to try and get her talking about what she was doing. Both turned out very well, gracias a Dios, as we could talk about their current struggles.

Then we had a meeting with the group that had gone to Anecon, in order to recap the trip. Good comments and a good talk with David afterward. I am very excited for that kid (since he's still a teenager, after all!). He has a long journey ahead, but it is bound to be a good one!

Neither Eva nor I could sleep last night, so we ended up chatting like middle school girls until 2:30 in the morning. Though I suppose in Argentine time, that isn't so late. We are old. Joking...

Day 87: Team meeting day. We played a game outside in order to spice things up. We talked about a couple of ministries and then prayed for each one. Again, good conversation shared between the 17 persons that could come (a couple of team members can not be a part of the Friday meetings).

Edgardo dropped me off at the terminal so I could buy my ticket to 30 during Easter. I am excited to spend that time with family (or at least soon to be family!). Then I walked to the center to buy supplies for the girls. Then home, stopping to rent Anna Karenina in order to watch with Eva and Ale.

Finished the night technically writing this, but not until after a long conversation with Cristian!

love and chau.

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