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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Days 79 (again?), 78, 77 and 76

Well hello again..

I am sick. So I have no more excuses for not taking some time to update the blog. At the same time, being sick means I don't have all that much to say (ha). (And don't worry, it's just a head cold that requires lots of rest. And yes.. I have medicine..)

Day 79: Needs to be updated, because a unique turn of events led to a 5 hour session of board games with David, Stijn and Esperanza! We played Jenga and the Spanish version of Yahtzee, and the Dutch version Settlers of Catan. To say the least, it was a most multicultural and hilarious evening.

Day 78: Work in the morning. I wanted to go to church, but I already wasn't feeling well at that point. So I stayed home and caught up on some things. Researched life for teenagers in El Salvador for some English camp activities and let's just say whoa. That country is in major need of prayer for the younger generation! See this website for more information.

Then I had an intense conversation with one of the fathers of our pre-teens. He too, is in need of prayer. He sees his daughters going down a dangerous path and is unsure of what to do. I encouraged him as best as I could, but said that mainly, it is his job to show more affection to them. He had confessed that he can't; I said he has no choice.

Researched what is needed for the paperwork for Cristian for when we enter the States. As well as Marriage License stuff. Say wha--??

Church was lovely, just cold. Thankfully we met in the salon a couple of blocks away as the house is currently under construction. We said goodbye to David, who will be returning to Mexico tomorrow. Waaaaa...

Day 77: Met with... NOEMI!!! Hooray! It had been way too long. We talked about life at the McDonald's on Colon. So fun. Perhaps we will continue to meet as well, which then brings reason as to why I can't meet with the girl's at the institute at this time. God knows.

Lunch with Davicho and the Greens. I broke the meat fast only because he wouldn't be here to cook for us on other days. Delicious stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon. Or panceta, a weaker Argentine version of bacon. Still counts. Homer's mouth would water.

Then the evening off which was probably a good thing. The mucus was coming on strong!

Day 76: Went to the institute in the morning. It's so hard for me to say no to a Bible study with them! We read the story of Jesus' first miracle and I shared about how even if we aren't that important in the grand scheme of the world, we are important to Jesus. BUT.. we have to accept him. The new girl Karla looked with wide eyes. Still need to get her that Bible...

Went home early as my head was aching. I've been mostly in and out of bed. Working on some wedding stuff. Going to buy some Las Leñas fries for dinner! Yum!!

love and chau!

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