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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Days 86, 85, 84, and 83

Day 86: (Saturday) In the morning, I stayed in trying to prepare for the week to come. In the afternoon, I went with Ale (the same from day 85) to see the movie Noé. I have a lot of comments about the movie, and they probably aren't as bad as you think. I thought the movie was well put together, and as I have been saying to all my Spanish-speaking friends, "It had some great theological points, without being theological."

We also had good conversation before and after the film. And of course, I was chocha for the salty popcorn.

When I returned home, I avoided the house due to a womens' meeting. Not that I don't like women, but sometimes I still get overwhelmed with lots of people in the house (see day 83). So I went to visit Andrea G. in order to prepare for out pre-teen Bible study that will take place on day 82. Tomorrow. We are excited about it!

Then I came home to talk with mom for a little over an hour about the wedding. Yay! Then I ate veggie tacos and went to bed.

Day 85: In the morning, I went with a small bunch from OM to share at a church in the sierras of Córdoba about our trip to Anecon. Everyone was pretty tired and unwilling to speak publicly, so I stepped in. It was cool to see faces light up knowing that through their giving to the trip, God could do some pretty special things!

I also talked to the pastor to see if we could talk more one-on-one with the church members to support members of the OM team who need the financial help.

Came home, chatted with Cristian, slept. Then mentor time with Andrea K before coming back to surf the web a bit for cheap wedding ideas. Church. Communion. Phone. Bed.

Day 84: Due to all the crazy changes with the institute, I actually didn't go in this day. A few important house tasks were taken care of before I went to the local school that every once and awhile allows us to share a devotion. It was so cool, friends, because I had a message prepared, and then while I was waiting in the hallway, God put another message on my heart.

While I have heard about this happening before, I've never experienced it personally. But let me tell you, it was a message just for them, and many times I couldn't believe all the Spanish coming out of my mouth! And to think that within this 10 minute devotional time, I related scary movies to Jesus. God has his mysterious ways!

I stayed for a little bit in the center before I took a bus home. When I arrived, I was able to work a little on English camp planning before the prayer meeting we have each Monday evening.

Day 83: To the institute!!! One girl, distracted by homework. Another who stayed in her room. One new girl, and the other actually interested in the stories of the Bible. The other who stays because she has nothing better to do. We read about John the Baptist and Mary finding out she will be the mother of Jesus. There were a couple of interesting questions, but mainly I could see the new girl becoming more attentive as we started to read. She is interested in owning a Bible. She also said that she is from Las Violetas. Hmmm...

I had about 30 min in house before I left for the second of 2 devotionals in the school. I was surprised to see a lot of faces smiling at me and saying, "Aw yeah! You're back!" And this after a straight up talk about why they need to follow Jesus the previous day.

a few even wanted to take a picture! cute!!

This time I talked about Batman and Jesus; an appropriate follow up to scary movie and Jesus. They were much more attentive than usual. On top of that, my old friend Noemí said hi (we will meet up later, Lord willing), and that it was one of the best devotionals they've had. Now that means Jesus was really working because I don't think I realized half the stuff I was saying. So go God!!

Now, I forgot my money for food, but thankfully Marisol served me without even questioning. It's like she already knew I would be coming and in need of food. We had the first team meeting as well, and it was loads of fun. This year will be so challenging for them, but I think it's because there is an important message to be told!

Back to lots of people in the house. They are repairing the septic tank (since there are no sewage systems here). So um.. imagine the smell.. and then add 7 or more people working in the "mud" and on top of that they had to turn off the water. We will be creatively eating food without dishes or cooking for the next couple of days. Who knows about showers :/ oh well...

Any way, home to a raw fruit and vegetable dinner. Not too bad of a gig either I must say. But after a long and happy talk with Cristian, I must say. TIME FOR BED!!!

love and chau!!

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