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Thursday, May 3, 2012

This too is ministry

I've had to explain to several people the importance of cooking for the house. When you make sure that everyone has food before them, you are meeting a need that will help them through the day. Take your time to cook, enjoy the process. This too is ministry.

When I made a list with Ale about the many needs she has--not just to buy things for the coming baby, but to buy things for her son Luciano--one of the obvious and more urgent things for the list was winter clothes for Lu.

So today, we went to the center and shopped around. I was surprised at how easy it was to get the okay to do this. But then again, just a little bit before asking permission, I had an encounter with one of the other directors who wanted to know my motives. Turns out, she's a Christian too. That helps.

And away we went. Again, never sure of what to say or how to behave (especially when I wanted to help Luciano behave--man that kid is crazy!). But all in all, I believe it went over well. Again, never imagined myself hanging out with a 17 (her birthday is today!) year old pregnant gal and her kid in the middle of Córdoba.

This too is ministry.


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