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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I guess that's called compassion

It's easy to complain, you know? I have this weird knee issue going on right now. But in the end, this too shall pass.

Because in the same week of finding out that the ligament of my knee is stretched to it's limit, my best friend Sol found out that her mom has cancer. The bad kind. The really bad kind. Which means her brother, serving in Thailand, has to make a decision.

I can't imagine what this situation is like.

I went to visit Flor last week and we talked about the news with her mom. After her mom left, Flor and I continued to talk. She has several good friends that have been making poor decisions. Some of them believers.

Neither of us came to a point of judging, because we believe in the age old mantra of "Me too." I am just as capable of making a stupid decision that can ruin everything. I pray against it, but I don't ever want to think of myself above anyone.

It's why we need Jesus.

But with all of this.. I couldn't keep going. I was hurting on the inside. "Can we stop and pray?" I asked her. "I am too overwhelmed with sorrow."

And I think that I wasn't just empathizing. I think that I was feeling something much stronger.. I couldn't hold back the tears.

I felt a huge peace afterward. Even though I don't think "everything will be all right" in the sense that we might understand it as humans, it will work out for the good.

I couldn't stop thinking about Jesus. Is what I have been feeling for the Rodriguez family and Flor's friends similar to the compassion he had on the masses who were hungry? If it is, let me also admit that it is a fraction of a corner of an eyelash of the type of compassion he had. Nada que ver, digamos..

Any way, there it is. Chau!

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