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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy birthday Gladys

She turned 19 yesterday. She shares her birthday with Ale, but Ale was picked up by her family to celebrate together. Gladys doesn't have the luxury. She recently told us that her father is dead, and that she doesn't even know where her mom and brothers and sisters are.

And don't get me started on what it is like to be the other woman living in the home. Lorena, in her 40s, with her fifth child.

But let's celebrate the good. Fridays are the days we cook together in the institute. We made a very complicated, two layer, german chocolate cake that was delicious. Gladys had asked for a cd with Christian music on it, so how could I say no? When we arrived, Mariela gave her a bracelet. Gladys looked at me, "Let me guess, the cake we are about to make is your gift to me?"

I laughed. "Maybe..."

She frowned.

"Gladys!! Don't you remember what you asked for??"

Her face changed. "THAT'S TRUE!! You made a cd for me?"

She hurried to grab the cd from my hands and put it in the media player. For me, it was an even more beautiful moment to hear positive messages permeating the walls of the institute. "Oh!" she shouted with each song change. "This is beautiful!"

It is hard to describe the characteristics of Gladys. I have seen her mature in many ways over the past year and a half, and yet she is still a very selfish, uncaring person. Again, it's not that I blame her, for reasons I've explained before, but I still hope for the best. May her 19th year see even more growth!


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