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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Five birthdays in one

The midnight of, I was eating with Maria Elena (much like I'll be doing in a few hours from now...). Due to various plan confusions, they forgot it was my birthday. No big deal; I just like hanging out with them. On top of that, Johnny made a drawing for me which I should be receiving tonight!

And so we get to midnight, and they turn off the lights. Johnny comes in with a muffin that has a candle in it. "Que los cumple.." they begin to sing. Oh, how it made me laugh when we divided the "cake" into six for all that were present.

Came home to chat with mom and dad, and my friend had made me a video to welcome in the 26th year of life.

For lunch, Flor made me pizza, while her sister made a pasta frola that served as cake. Betania's.. ahem.. good friend.. and I toasted (raspberry liquor offered by mama Silvia) to the tastiness of it all.

Came home and got to Skype with Mark, Beth and Nolan. Weeee... so wonderful to see them! Nolan spent time building little towers with his blocks and kicking them down. Although, the best part was when I would ask him to give me a kiss, and I watched as he kissed the screen.

Everybody with me: awwwwwwwww

Then Solcita and I went to see the Men in Black 3, or Hombres in Negro, if you prefer the castellano. I was surprised that it was actually a pretty good story. Of course, I've always been a fan of playing with time (hence Star Trek). We came home to a little Chinchon and mate. Can't have my Argentine birthday without mate!!! That is when she also gave me a flash drive that carried a video from her and her sisters singing to me.

That was that for the day of, but on Saturday, my favorite ados and a few others from the OM team went bowling.

We numbered ten, which made for a perfect 5 v. 5 competition. Although I must say, aside from winning, hehe, the most exciting part for me was getting to see a few of those gals bowl for the very first time in their life!! They (Mariela, Nieves and Mily) did quite well!!

Ate some hawaiian pizza, and perhaps there was a little bit of karaoke. :)

On Sunday, all I knew was there was a meeting with the Santa Rosa leaders to plan for the months of June and July. I was planning on meeting with a friend (much more on her later!), so I started making may way toward the door...

Then Vanina, you may remember her from helping out in Chaco, brought out what I can only call a tortasa:

It was a lovely surprise, and it made me even happier to get to celebrate what God is doing with all sorts of friends! So blessed am I!

Sharayah "Yoda" L.

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