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Sunday, April 29, 2012


I am a words person. That is to say, when someone pays me a compliment, I take it to heart. I might turn red, and act like I didn't want to hear it. And obviously, there is the reality that whatever good thing I did really is because of something God did in me. So I can't and shouldn't take all the credit. Nevertheless, it IS important to hear that what you're doing, or what I'm doing, is on the right path, if you will.

So it made me smile to hear Flor tell me that whenever she spends time with me she feels alleviated. That all of the other parts of life stop and she's not as worried anymore. She is happy and free. That's a pretty amazing compliment.

After my time with her, I checked my email only to find a message from Noemí. It was her birthday this week and while I was invited, a slight knee problem hindered my attendance. I had sent her a text to explain, but she responded via this email.

This email which told me that when we first met, she was going through a hard time: "Tu cariño y amistad me hicieron mucho bien a mi vida," she wrote. Once again, it's to say, that I'm not always the kindest and most helpful person. God makes me that way.

God was the one to put both of these girls on my path in the first place. And having just listened to a sermon about the parable of the talents, I suppose God is showing me how to make the most out of a little that God has given me.

It's not that we are meant to see outcome/fruit/results of what we do. Ever. But it can be nice to see some of those things every now and then. To feel appreciated. :)


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