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Monday, April 9, 2012

Moments in LV

It seems there is always a little anecdote to share after futbol Mondays. This week comes two:

1. Sitting, passing around the mate with Manu and Carlos. Carlos yells at Nelson to give Joy (girlfriend) a kiss. He then turns to Manu and talks about how crazy it is that they haven't had sex yet. After a moment's pause I say, "Do you guys not see the importance of waiting to have sex?"

They laughed. Manu even jokes that he had enjoyed last night for instance.

(Enter the difference between pre-teens from Las Violetas and from say, my hometown...)

Which leads to them asking about my experience. "Nope," I tell them. "Still waiting!"

"For what?"

"A guy that's worthy! And more importantly, I plan on getting married first!"

This time they're interested in what I have to say. "What makes a guy worthy?"

"Well," I tell them. "It's pretty important that he loves God first and foremost, and that he has the desire to serve God in other countries, as God directs him."

Manu looks at me. "So let's say I have the desire to serve God, would I make your list?"

I laugh. "Bro... you are way too young for me!"

And after trying to convince me he is 18 (which don't worry, is way too young as well), he finally says. "All right... do you have a sister?"

2. At the end of our time together, we call everyone to the middle to pray. Eventually they all come, and for the first time they sit. I again thank them for playing together, and plead with them to try not to fight next time. One of the kids, David, asks me to pray in English, and have Adam translate. I try to keep the prayer simple, but Adam struggles. So we pass the baton to Nelson who does a pretty great job. But when he lacked the words, finally David says, "Yo produzco, yo produzco!!!"

He used the wrong verb. He meant to say "Yo traduzco." And instead of translating, he just repeats what I say in English, which also was quite funny. Everyone enjoyed it and we hugged each other goodbye.


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