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Thursday, January 12, 2012

For my brother's birthday, I was not given the opportunity to give him a call over skype. Sad face.

However, the day was filled to the brim, and enjoyable, and I have been talking about him ever since I got here.

For instance, at the children's camp we had all day Tuesday, I got to share from the verse in Ephesians 1, how God chose us to be adopted as his own children. To be loved. In accordance with his good purpose.

On the day of, we went to Mauro's to eat asado, and I ate in the name of my brother ;). We played Truco, a game I know that Mark would like, for over an hour. Then we played volleyball inside the church, and every ace I served was in his honor. We had a prayer meeting where I was paired with Belen, and we both gave thanks for the hermanos that the Lord has blessed us with. And when that was over, we played Uno until the crack of dawn. Okay, that wasn't so much brother-related, but I thought it ought to be included.

I definitely miss him. And love him. I hope that his day was as blessed as mine.

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