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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 4 - Parque Nacional

The bike rental place is close. Just a couple turns around the block and bam. We met up with our new Córdoban friend, Vane around 11am and made our way. It´s twelve kilometers to the park, and then several more throughout. My main issue was getting used to the gears. Rosita, as we know, is just a plain, yet beautiful, gear-free bike.

Both Vane and I struggled really, while A.D.D. Cleto made circles around us.

Our first mistake upon entering the park was taking a nice downhill trek to a beautiful bay. While the view was worth it, the return trip was not--ha! But I have two feet, so at least I could drag the bike with me back to the main entrance. And like I mentioned, I wasn´t alone.

I told Cletis, as he was very interested in watching the Real Madrid - Barcelona game to go on without us. It allowed us girls to go más traquila. Mejor...

And we did enjoy it all. Both of us adjusted well to the gears in time, and we saw a little of everything. Perhaps the most intriguing, aside from the view of the mountains, the Castorera, or Beaver Dam. Very impressive! Or maybe my ability to draw the zorros (foxes) to me. I almost ran into one when I came off a bridge. He stared me down, and then continued on his way. Well then...

We went to the end of Ruta 3, and snapped the cliché photo from there. Took the trail to Lake.. um.. Animkasdghje7asgdh. Yeah, I don´t remember what it was called, but more interesting was introducing Vane to jumping pictures. She absolutely loved them! And wanted to take as many as possible. It cracked me up! We also took a few together which was sweet. We had one where we were sitting near the water and it splashed all over us! Justo! And hilarious. For the Spanish speakers, take note of the alliteration right there :P

From the lake, it was time to turn back. We timed the return trip, especially as we were about as far as you could be from our destination point. I proudly tell you that we made it back in 1 hour and 55 minutes!! Not without a lot of pain, but definitely worth it! Mainly it´s my backside that is killing me, because that bike seat was NOT comfortable.

Shower.. new roommate in the hostel from Germany.. a little internet time.. and Chau!

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