Volunteering and traveling in Argentina to proclaim God's great love, and hopefully not getting sick along the way.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day one - Glacier Martial

It´s an adventure.. Cletis is sick, so I just make my way alone. The alarm sounds at 9 but I remember it´s a vacation, and stay laying down just a little longer. The hostel provides a breakfast, so I grab some toast and an orange. I thought they had boiled eggs as well, but they were raw. Guess how I figured that one out..

Chairlift view
More importantly, I met two others wanting to trek the Glacier this morning so I saved 20 pesos taking the taxi. We ride to the top in a chairlift and find out it´s about an hour trek to touch ice. It´s no question to me, I´m making my way up despite the difficult breathing and the inability to feel my backside once we reach the top. Only Carlos made it with me; Georgiana had to quit at the halfway mark. I slid down the ice a couple times. Video proof to come. Just a little cold, and I thank God I remembered to pack my gloves.

Take the chairlift back down, but I decided to hike all the way back home. I´m told it´s about 6 kilometers, but hey, downhill is easy as pie. Speaking of pie, I rewarded myself with a slice of carrot cake as my lunch. Again, I´m on vacation. ha!

Quite the hike!
Finding the hostel wasn´t as difficult as I thought it would be once I reached the city, but I will say the hike down was a little confusing. I found myself backtracking a few times, but not without cool rewards such as some exotic fauna and birds. Even came to a fork in the road where a woman came out of her home to tell me that I was walking the wrong direction. Again, thanks God!

Came home to see the last goal of Messi´s hat trick. If the day ended here, you could call it a good day. I mean, meeting a Brazilian, Venezuelan and now sitting next to me is someone from Israel, how could one not want to consider staying in hostels more often? Fun conversations to commence!

Here´s just praying that the rest of the vacation is as exciting, and that Cletis feels better later. Chau!

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