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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 7 and 8 - Laguna Esmerelda y LOS PINGÜINOS

I made a little solo trek to a beautiful, greenish laguna outside of the city. First you take a bus and then the hike is about an hour and a half, although I was able to do it a little bit faster. Part of the trip is in the forest, and another part is over peat moss which is oddly mushy and fun. I only slipped a little bit into the mud along the way. haha.

Made friends with two older women from Bs. As. on the trip too, but kind of made my own way as they needed to stop and rest a lot. Good conversation though.

Ultimately, I wanted to hike up to the glacier close by, but I didn´t make it in time. So I just sat by the water and began (later finished that same day) The Alchemist. Fantastic little read I must say. Hence finishing it so soon.

Came home and did some laundry. Ate pizza. Chill.

Today was Penguin Day!! I can´t begin to describe the excitement that I had, am having, etc. It was great leading up to the moment, an amazing time on the island, and I already can´t wait to go again! Of course, I won´t, I´ll have to cherish this time I´ve had. But it will last. Because not only did we (Carlito the penguin and I, wink wink) see the typical Magellan penguins that are crazy adorable, but we saw some Papua penguins, and get this.. a King Penguin! You know the last one is a big deal when even the guide says, "I have no idea what that King Penguin is doing here." haha

Once again, blessed by the experiences the Lord has allowed me to have. I can´t describe it as well as I can show it to you once I´m home and can upload the pictures. In other news, I´m excited by the potential to eat king crab tonight, si Dios quiere... Chau!

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