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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Look at chew

This morning, I had the privilege of serving teammate Laura with her end-of-the-year party in Las Violetas. She is a child therapist, and meets with children individually throughout the week in our good ole el Refugio to help them improve their learning and social skills.

I had heard stories about most of these kids (there are 7), so I was intrigued to be able to put a face to some of the names. All I had to do was show up and set up a few board games, encouraging the kids as they entered to play. Easy. In Argentina lingo--Chan.

Basically, I watched as she loved these kids, giving the special attention that they need; I watched as she clearly gave the group game instructions and each child (as well as one parent, or if no parent was present, a sibling) played with giant smiles on their faces.

Andrea gave a short Word, and then served snacks. The moms then made the effort to thank Laura for the changes they have seen in their child over the year. I don't know if I'm becoming a softy, but it definitely brought a little tear to my eyes to hear about these improvements. I felt so proud of Laurita!!!

Additionally, the women of Las Violetas had gathered beforehand to meet with Eva. They are making these really awesome handbags out of.. well.. I guess you would call it tshirt cloth (so cotton?) that has been made into string. Here, a picture will help my ill attempt at description:
Pretty beautiful, no? And there's more where that came from!!

Any way, I am also very proud of Eva who has helped create a brand for these bags, and for the past couple of weeks has even set up a stand to sell them in the cultural center we own. The women of OM are definitely in need of some butter, because they are on a roll!!!! hehe

All that to say, the blog won't always be about me, I like to look at chew (or others) every once and awhile.

In addition, look forward to a brief post about Breaking Dawn. Yes. You heard me. :P


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