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Friday, December 7, 2012

Laughing, singing, dancing, grinning, morons!*

On skype with Janna, I had to reiterate the fact that I'm not a kid person. Yes, the joke is on me with how much work I am involved with in Argentina that includes kids.

"Usually it's the other way around," she says. "People don't like teenagers but love kids."

"Yep. I'm the unusual one."

And then I went to the institute today.. back up. I have a little cold that was contracted in the middle of the night Tuesday. I have a feeling getting caught in the rain yesterday (after a brilliant hangout with Marisol + gang, as well as the Iriartes) didn't help either. The morning was spent swimming a mile, cleaning the house and preparing for the visit. Thankfully a nice conversation with Janna, as mentioned, in there. However, I was tired.

And it's hot.

I arrived with very little energy, and the Lord was aware! The girls were watching a movie, so we finished that and played some cards. Very chill. At one point, Luciano wakes up from his nap and peers out just enough to see what's going on.

He sees me, exclaims "Sorosho!!!" and runs to give me a hug and sit on my lap.

I'm not a kid person, honestly, but sometimes things like this happens and it makes me a little bit softer. Is this what is meant in 1 Corinthians about seeking the greater gifts? Being flexible (one of my theme words) to serve in many capacities, even in ones you're not accustom to..


*lyrics from a song. don't judge!!! haha

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