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Friday, December 14, 2012


After a 12 hour bus ride you are certain to desire to stretch out the legs. I take a moment to thank God again that I am 26, even if I am beginning to deteriorate a little at the joints (exagerrating). There was no hurry, so to the bathroom, to the tourist info desk, a 20 minute walk to the hostel.

Again, early, so I read a little and checked email before getting the room key. Talked with the woman at the desk for info on what my friend Kathryn and I can do for our short 2.5 days in Mendoza. I could have gone on a mini excursion if I wanted to, but noticed that I would be coming back way past Kathryn's scheduled arrival. It's probably best I stay here, I thought to myself. Well.. be here, versus stay here.

Map in hand, I went to the local central square, surprisingly, not named after St. Martin. From there to one of the largest parks in South America. Snapped some photos, don't you worry, but also just moseyed.. thinking about my favorite quote from the first LOTR's book, "All who wander are not lost." Indeed, it can be fun to wander.

The park is beautiful, and it was encouraging to see so many runners and bike riders, and when I passed by a pool, intense swimmers as well. :)

I took a moment to think about what it takes to entertain me. Long walks on the beach is actually a legitimate option for me, no matter how much we poke fun at it as what we want to write in those online profiles. I had stopped a couple of times to read.. I just observed people..

And I was.. am content.

Are you able to just hang out? Or do you need to do something extreme to be satisfied?

I personally like NOT spending money. I like getting to know a person, and am thinking of a most recent friend named Paloma, for example. I am excited that yes, Kathryn and I will be doing some intense activities during our time in Argentina together, but I am also quite happy that we will have a lot of chat time. That I will get to share with her my new culture (well, I suppose you could call me a half breed), funky ways to flush a toilet and all! hehe

Oh, and I come armed with my uke!!

until next time, Chau!

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