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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Honeymoon period

Having just arrived (again), I am feeling quite at home. It's lovely to have summer back, to waltz around in my new flourescent shorts and sport the "renovado" hairstyle. I have had plenty of quality time with Sol and Flor, even a couple of visits with Maria Elena. Deep conversations with Laura; ice cream and boy talk with Eva.

I just had a lovely time with my girls at the institute as well. The pressure was on after a long meeting with the director Thursday. She gave me several speeches about how I need to make sure to include all of the girls in whatever we do, and to ask permission over and over again anytime we want to participate in an activity outside of the home. I tried to be very grateful, and reiterated how this is my first year for any type of work like this to be on my shoulders. That I am in the process of understanding how to do any of it.

She seemed to understand, and we even worked on a way to slowly distribute the money to the girls for the bracelets I was able to sell for them in the States. That way they wouldn't go spending it all in one place.

But like I was saying, a fun time with the gals of the institute. Ale wasn't there, but I did find Flor and Gladys and Evelin, as well as two new ones: Talia and Esmerelda.

The other good thing was that the director had given me the rundown of what the characters of the girls are like, and I was half-expecting to see a bit of this when I arrived today. And now we understand the honeymoon phase--the girls behaved so well, listening to what I had to say about why I am here and how I want to support the girls growth as young women.. as I passed around the tereré.

I am partially hopeful too, that Ale and Flor have put in a good word for me, as I noticed them make comments about who I am to the others. Evelin remains quiet as ever, but I was happy to see her interacting a little with the newer girls.

And Gladys.. poor girl seems intimidated by the quantity of the others, nevertheless, she sat by me and grabbed my hand.

When Luciano came back he ran to me and sat on my lap. I confess I was astonished, and encouraged to hear him speaking more clearly.

Walking home, I thought about a certain sentence in my devotional this morning. I am running behind in the devos lately, but I think God is still working mightily in this, as most of the time I find myself reading exactly what needs to be impressed upon me:

Si Dios ha endulzado tu copa bébela con gracia; y si la ha hecho amarga, bébela en comunión con Él.

"If God has sweetened your cup, drink it with grace; and if he has made it bitter, drink it in communion with Him."

May we enjoy the good, and endure the bad, with Christ.

I look forward to this summer of staying in Córdoba (perhaps will explain this later?), as it gives me more time with the girls, perhaps a lot of time with Sol. On the other hand, it will come with some difficulties that I am well aware of. The possibility of a lot of alone time in the house, a necessary root canal surgery, and a very hot (air conditioning-less) summer.

Perhaps it's important to write all this down in order to be thankful (happy t-giving everyone) for when it is going well. Taking it with grace, chau!!

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