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Friday, November 2, 2012

Wrong way

I have questioned the idea of 'wrong' on many occasions. Same thing with 'late.' I mean think about it, so-called 'wrong' turns might have allowed you to get to know or do something extraordinary. Life's many interruptions may bring you to a deeper understanding of God's love for you..

if you let it happen.

I had checked online which stop to get off of on the El in order to go to EBF on Sunday morning, but was told by Madeline and Jeremy another way. Not that I didn't get to EBF's new location, but it put me there earlier than expected and I was cold. So I would be going to Panera any way in order to get a warm drink (which turned into a breakfast sandwich, but I digress).

Well, because I went the way that I did, I ran into Tom and Rebecca. I had been in contact with Rebecca about possible support, but wasn't completely sure about where they were living. I mean, I have her number in my phone, but the actual making a phone call hadn't happened yet.

But there they were. Had I gone the way I planned, I would have never seen them. Because I listened to advice, and was cold, ahem, I did.

And the people with whom I had made lunch plans with, well.. didn't answer their phones. I suppose it was meant to be.

We met up after church (as they go to EBC), and sure enough, they are planning on supporting! Woot! And the perhaps even more cool thing? I got to hear their story about actually getting together, engaged and married--something that has basically happened all in the two years I have been gone. Very cool! Very cute, I might add..

So there you have it. Even I need the constant reminder that the 'wrong' way may be the right one. Keep those eyes peeled.


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