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Friday, May 2, 2014

It's already May

Well heck. (In my most southern accent possible)

Here I am trying to figure out how time is flying so quickly. It has something to do with trying to fill my days because I have so few left. It has something to do with trying to pass the time for when I see Cristian again. But this fast? Really???

Let's see.. there was Wednesday.. two Wednesday's ago. Pre-teens and girls' institute. The next day a thief tried to rob us. Everything is okay. They caught the guy 15 minutes later and we recovered the few items he had stolen. The main thing is that God protected us and that I stayed inside for the morning.

We had a meeting for the camp that starts this coming Monday. More meetings on Friday morning followed by an amazing motorcycle ride into the Sierras with my friend. I was meeting the rest of the CI team for some rehearsal camp schtuff.

Two AMAZING conversations with CI teammates followed by a two layered pizza created by yours truly for a Bible study prep with Andrea G. A Sunday of some rest before preaching about freedom.

A Monday morning of prep work for this week's OM missionary conference. Evening prayer meeting.

Tuesday, time with the gals reading the story of the Samaritan woman by the well. Then yet another meeting for CI (hey! there's a lot of preparation to do!). Wednesday morning pre-teen Bible study where everyone was absolutely too tired (and drained by the weather) to think. Another afternoon with the gals where we had our bracelet-making session.

What? Now it's May.

On Thursday (yesterday) I had the typical girls' institute time. Karla (1) actually stayed to work on a new invention of mine. Hers turned out very nice! For the afternoon, I was able to give a talk to the 9 participants about creating a support team for the missionary journey. Home. Bed.

Today, early to the conference to give a talk about writing your story. I had specifically mentioned that we shouldn't write lists about our lives. I recognize my hypocrisy. I also recognize that I am late in sending my update letter. This will unfortunately have to do for now. I hope you can understand. There will most definitely be more details at some time or another, because the Lord has been opening a certain person's heart lately!! Stay tuned!

love and chau. (Day 59)

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