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Monday, May 19, 2014

Tranquilo che

And now, a little boring, but important account of the past few days...

Day 44: Saturday I tried to sleep in. Eva and I had watched Memoirs of a Geisha whilst (in her case) crochet-ing and making bracelets. We laughed, cried, enjoyed the beauty of that movie for a calm, popcorn and mate Friday night.

But the world was against my sleeping in. Various groups had gathered for ministries in the morning that I was not apart of this time, so I was awake by 8:30. Bleh!

Worked on a surprise video for the birthday gal Eva. It's gonna be great! Then I met with Ale and two of her sobrinos to watch The Muppets 2. It was pretty good, but not nearly as fun as the first. Well, I might have lost in translation some of the jokes as all kids movies are only in our favorite castellano.

Walked home. Talked with Cristian, later the parents. Bed by 11 (a rarity these days!!).

Day 43: Church in the morning with Laura and her cousin Cami. Then I raced home as I had completely forgotten about the movie with the pre-teens at Mike and Andrea's! Quickly made all the phone calls, ate lunch and went over to set up. It was a fantastic time despite being rushed. The movie, To Save a Life, really hit home to the girls despite the major cultural differences!

Church and home.

Day 42: Trying to do all sorts of odd jobs. A major cleaning of the kitchen. As I was in the kitchen, I then took advantage for lunch:

you have no idea how delicious!
Then there was wrapping up some camp stuff. Putting visa paperwork in order. Sermon preparing. etc. etc.

I am thankful that my computer still works, so I can work and enjoy some good tunes mientras tanto.

love and chau!

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