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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You think

..you have enough time for everything. But you simply don't.

It's okay though, as a lot has been done. I just don't know how I can get everything else taken care again before it's already November 12 or so (pending departure date).

The good news is Nolan is with us for the next three weeks at least. I will be gone for half a week (Chicago!), but the remainder of this week is me and Nolan focused time. It's an exciting moment as he is starting to talk so we can understand each other a little better, which is especially important when he needs stuff. Like diaper changes or eating and the like. haha.

I will want to comment on the awesome Longoria - Thiboddeaux wedding that took place last weekend, and other key hangouts, but I am sort of on the exhausted side of things for now. That is, no more time for internet.. must.. get.. some.. sleep...

(and Joy, I will eventually get back to your email as well. thanks for your comment!)


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