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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The main reverse cultural shocks would be...

Drumroll please?

- Refills. I had taken my time to drink my sweet tea from Chick Fil A only to remember that I could drink more. Lots and lots more!

- Cars. They are so big! And the highways too. I like the smooth highways...

- Eating at 6pm. It's not so bad since there's a two hour time difference. It makes the transition easier, however, still strange.

- Baseball movies. I love baseball. Missed it. It's nice to see on tv every once and awhile, that's all.

- Carpet. Dishwashers. General things in the house that we just don't have in Argentina.

- Paying tax and getting change. Thankfully I remembered to calculate the 8% tax when I bought the dress(es) for my cousin's wedding this weekend. Additionally, it was strange to get pennies back and to not be asked, "Do you have coins?" haha

- Driving. A sweet ride, and I am very thankful for it!

- Fans. We have air conditioning (sometimes). But other than your box fan, a fan from the ceiling is uber difficult to come by.

Not a cultural shock, but important nonetheless.. I am currently missing out on springtime. I appreciate the warm weather of Texas, and I know I will love the colors of the leaves at Northwestern. But I love spring, and I'm a bit sad to be missing it :(

Asi es la vida. Chau for now!

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  1. love the background of your blogggg and this post. I remember the culture shockyness to it all. Some of it still happening but so different from the initial hit. Hope you're having a great time!!