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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two. More. Years.

I was telling Nieves and Mariela the news. I loved Nieves' reaction, "MORTAL SORAYA!" haha.

Nonetheless, it can be a bit overwhelming. I was drawn back to this quote though:

"Chaos is often a prerequisite to new creation in Scripture. When we try prematurely to regain control of something chaotic there is a good chance we could undercut the very thing God is doing among us. If only we had the eyes to see the emerging order that, while alien to our sensibilities, is nevertheless present."

Because here is where the chaos enters. There's the support raising, the visa renewing, the balancing of work and rest. The emails, the phone calls, the airplane rides.

And yet this promise of new creation is comforting. Dios, todo está en tus manos. Te confío.

Gracias, amor, y chau.

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