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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"el cuerpo está confundido"

It started yesterday when I went outside in shorts. Now to you North Americans reading this, that doesn't sound so bad. But when you remember that I'm south of your hemisphere--that it is winter time here--you then begin to understand the insanity.

I must say, it wasn't too cold (thank you four years in Chicago), but it wasn't a day to be wearing shorts even if I made up for it with the jacket.

Then today, I continued to learn "Pecho." For those of you who don't know, with the knee issues, I have decided to take up swimming. No pressure on the dear rodilla, and a form of exercise that is quite fun.

As of late, I have been working on resistance; trying to swim 50 meters non stop. My profe (as we call her) has taught me better form in the freestyle ("Crol" which translates to crawl) and the backstroke (simply put, "Espalda" or back). On Friday, we began the basics of the breast stroke (ahem, "Pecho").

There is a LOT of coordination that goes into the breast stroke. Breathe - kick - 3 seconds - stroke - raise up above the water and breathe, etc. etc. So after 350m (with a few breaks) of the first two styles, the profe said it was time to work on the breast stroke again. I laughed to myself when she said she wanted me to do an entire vuelta (50m) and see how it goes.

Which is why, when I returned and she asked me how it went, I told her that my body is confused.

Everyone laughed and I felt like my job had been done. haha.


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