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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Se salió

I've had this bracelet, if you can call it that, around my right wrist for several years now. You know the people who save those bracelets you get at conferences, trying to see how long they last without having to cut them off?

This was similar. And successful in that I literally never took it off. But now, it is done. haha. So grave sounding.

I put it on during Mark Poshak's wedding back when I lived in Colorado. I was about to embark on a new journey, not just because it is what led me to Córdoba, but because it was the first day of singleness after the last boyfriend.

It was a purple ribbon, because purple was the other color for the wedding, and there was something that was said during the speeches that I didn't want to forget. In fact, I even wrote a little bit about it in the moment. So you can read on here in this blog, or you can just read the other version--it's still pretty valid.

But I guess what's new is that I'm okay with losing the bracelet. While it was a constant reminder to love well, I must confess of many moments in which I haven't. Period. And just because a bracelet no longer will stay on the wrist, doesn't mean I have forgotten the truth of our need to do the best that we can to love others, and have the grace to forgive ourselves when we don't do it so well.

The cool thing about being in Argentina is the trendiness of wearing bracelets. I am now adorned with plenty of others to remind me to love others--2 from Alejandra, telling me how thankful she is to be my friend (I am more thankful, I think!), one from Gladys who continues to ask me to give it to her as a gift (so funny), and one of the colors of Argentina, to think of the many ways in which God has brought me here. He is so faithful!

That's all I had to say about that. Chau!

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