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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just another week

Have I lost the "wow" factor for these blog posts? Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting lazy, or things are just getting so normal, I don't know what to tell any more.

I mean, there's the story of being sick, but how God still gave me enough strength to swim in the morning, and I was able to share Jesus with a woman in the lane next to me (as well as meet a fellow Christian in another lane!).

And there are the constant changes I see in Luciano. How he behaves so much better these days, and is even more enthusiastic to give me besos when we finish our time together. I have a current dream of teaching him some instrument so that he can have something to focus on. Which instrument, and who exactly will teach him? Still two questions to be resolved.

Next week begins Cordoba Immersions camp, Lord willing. It is going through some rough patches these days, but we will remain faithful. May God use the camp, and us who work in it, to make his name great!!!

The Rodriguez mom is still fighting. I went to visit the family on Monday and it was truly tough for me to see her so weak. I don't know what counts as good or better in cases like these, but she's there. I talked with Mariela today about it and she is tired. She is struggling to find the strength to keep supporting her mom from moment to moment (although to be clear, everyone is helping out, but it's a large task, obviously). And as for the dad, he hasn't been able to sleep a lot lately.

Things to be praying about.

Umm... yeah. That's that. Chau!!

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