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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisdom beyond her years

Alejandra continues to surprise me. Here is this 17 year old that sure, has made poor decisions, but seems to be quickly learning from her mistakes.

(On the other hand, there I am, having made plenty of poor decisions, but taking my precious time to learn from them.)

It was Ale who recognized that her friends weren't very good for her, so she started coming to church with us. It was Ale who made a list of how many bracelets we need to make and what price we should sell them at to make the most of an opportunity we have with Steph and Joy (they want to give them as gifts for their supporters).

And today, she recognized some frustration that was building up in the institute, so she figured it was better to avoid trouble than be a cause for tensions to rise. To live at peace with everyone.

I told her the decision was pretty Biblical, and it made her smirk. She knows that I sneak in the Bible and Jesus as often as possible because I so want these to be a part of her life.

Any way, so today I was proud of her. We talked a little in her room, which is really part of a common area where all the girls stay. I realized how much change has gone on in her life and thought about this wisdom she seems to have. Perhaps it is God's gift that will flourish all the more when she puts everything in his hands!

love and chau.

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