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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Late on purpose

I have had so many experiences where the bus doesn't come on time. As a result, I decide not to get angry about it, but to simply let it be, explain why when I get where I am going, but more importantly, see if there was a reason.

When we went to the youth group retreat back in March, we were waiting for what seemed like forever for the La Calera colectivo to pass by. There was one seat left for us, and I ended up getting to sit by someone who not only was taking care of a gal from the States, but he also used to live on the same street on which I take up residence now in Córdoba!

Or back in the spring of last year, when I got to know a woman with a Russian background. Or the other gal from when I was going home after a long day with Noemí.

Or the other day when I was waiting for the bus to get to Sol's. I can only take one of 3 of the buses that stop close to our house, and it seemed like the ole R8 just wasn't going to come. Then my friend Inti passed by and we had a chance to chat a little bit. Nothing too important, but we had a good laugh.

He walks on, the R8 makes its way over. Hmm..

Perhaps the culture in Argentina allows me to be more open to being late. The stress of being on time in the States is much higher; the consequences much more severe. While here, persons are granted hours of "errand time" in which they may or may not be doing something work related. It's not a bad thing at all, if you ask me.

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