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Friday, March 30, 2012

What I see

just a little glimpse of what we are making together.
Don't get me wrong. I am enamored with my time at the girls' institute. It is an absolute pleasure to visit those girls three times a week and teach them new tricks such as bracelet making and cooking. I also enjoy simply chatting, sharing mate and playing cards.

God has also been blessing the conversation, as there have been some intimate moments of sharing of our lives. More than that, two of the girls came with me to my church. My tiny, neighborhood church that also happens to be my house.

And get this... they want to come back this week!!


But what I continue to see are these teenagers, and some who are older women, who have no idea how to take care of their children. Obviously, I am no expert as I have never had kids. But I have this gut feeling that hitting your kid.. screaming at them.. neglecting them.. these actions make the list of what NOT to do.

And while I am excited for my friends to join me at church, it's painful to hear how they don't want certain other girls to come because they don't like them. Or even one who refused mate after seeing one of the other women drink from it.

How do I respond? What I see are hurting women who continue the hurting by discriminating against others. I see hurting children who lack a positive father figure.. a father figure at all.. who lack a mom who shows them the cariñoso kind of love that they also need.

Father, help me to stay positive. Help me to see my role in the lives of these young women. Thank you for all the doors you have opened. I continue to seek your wisdom and guidance as I traverse this unknown territory. You are good; your love endures forever. Amen y chau!

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