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Monday, March 19, 2012

For that smile

I am trying on a new hat. The hat of artesan, specifically in terms of making pulseras, or bracelets. It comes with perfect timing too, because not only have I found an easy to read website that offers step-by-step instructions, but Ale from the institute wants to learn more patterns so that she can make them and sell them.

"To buy a camera for me and my son," she told me today.

I had been working on a couple designs this weekend while at camp (more to come on that), and had made one earlier last week to give to Gaston for his birthday.

He shares his birthday with my mom, the 17 of March. I couldn't be there to celebrate, but Adam and Cletis were there to play soccer and give him my gift. Upon arrival however, he didn't want to play at all.

"Fine," Adam told him. "I guess that means you're not going to get your present."

Eyes widened. "Nah, mentira," he said. ("No.. you're lying!")

Adam expressed how sorry he was that Gaston thought it was a lie. Gaston begged for the present in that moment, but Adam was quick to say, "Only if you come to play soccer with us."

He finally conceded. I'm told they had a good time. And Gaston had gone home without even thinking twice about the fact that a present was waiting to be given to him.

Adam went to Gaston's house before leaving for the day to give the bracelet to him. I wish I could have seen his face as Adam had described it--happy, surprised. Smiling.

Today was an interesting one with the boys in Las Violetas. I had fun, but our team wasn't doing very well. It has a lot to do with the fact that they aren't so good at passing, but so the story goes. On our way home, we ran into Gaston.

"Did you like your present?" I asked him.

"Nah.." he tells me. "I threw it away."

Disheartened, I asked, "Really??"

"Really! I threw it away."

"Oh. I had made that just for you. For your birthday," I tell him.

"Nah.. mentira!!" He smiled.

I mean, really, truly smiled. Pearly whites and all.

"It's just I wear it on my ankle, not as a bracelet." He pointed to his bare foot, but adorned ankle. Then he smiled again.

I will live and re-live this moment because it feels like the ice is finally breaking! Keep praying for Gaston!!!


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