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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still true

Whilst awaiting the bus to take me to the plane to take me to another plane to take me to two more planes before landing in Cordoba, over a year ago, a friend asked a simple question.

"What do you think will be hardest for you to adjust to?"

I paused only a moment to say, "I know it's silly. It's really childish, but..

"I'm going to miss soft toilet paper."

She assured me that soft toilet paper still exists, but I knew, in order to be kind to the budget of four missionaries living together, we would have to get the cheap kind. The cheap, sand paper-esque, crumbles before it reaches the water, toilet paper.

Or worse, to realize that you would need to bring your own roll of the cheapo in order to clean yourself at all on long bus trips. If you don't, find yourself forking over another 25 centavos for 6 whole squares of something you never thought could get much worse than the kind that you should have brought.

Certainly other things are hard adjustments. Machismo, if you really wanted to know.

But you know what? When I landed this morning, I had to go to the bathroom. I nearly shouted an "Aleluya!" when I felt the 4-ply in my hand. I may or may not have rubbed my cheek with its fluffy softness, then smelling the hint of aloe vera also laced within.

I assure you that this is not all that important. I have had worse issues when it comes to overseas toilets (ahem.. squatty potty Russia.. ahem). And everytime, the job gets done.

But soft toilet paper, the luxury that it is, still matters to me and that is that.

Bye (since I'm in the e.e.u.u. for now).

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