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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holy Guacamole

It's November.

That means several things. In two weeks, I'm making my way toward the great state of Texas. When I return, I have invites to Rio Negro, Neuquin and another part of Buenos Aires (where I will hopefully get to see a polo match!) for December. I have the end of the world to go to. I am waiting to hear about what summer camp I will be attending (Chaco or the south with the Bs. As. team???) in January. All of the end of the year events to plan--with the boys' and girls' institute, with my teens, with the church...

So I spent the day preparing for this fairly lengthy road ahead by organizing my room and putting away the gifts I've bought the family in one of the suitcases. I still have a few more to buy for, so I need to make time for that.


Oh and what? I'm speaking fairly fluent Spanish now? I've had quite a few new friendships formed in these past few weeks where it's not until a couple minutes into the conversation that they realize I'm not from here. Sick!

That is all. A fairly simple post, which had a lot more to it, but I'm simply exhausted. Chau!

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