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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I don't know

..how to tell you again and again how much there is to say, and simply too little time to do so.

For one, there's the fact that we were caught off guard yesterday to find that all of those staying at the girls' institute will be leaving this week!! I felt like I was in those T-bone car accidents you see in the movies. I didn't know how to say goodbye. How to hug Gladys and do my final little dance move I've taught Maria Luz these past few weeks. How to hold back the tears when little Tamara hugged me with all of her might.

Add to that, despairing for Maria Luz who does not have a mother who cares for her. She and I were playing, but at one point, she went to Gladys to have her hold her. "Ma-ma.. ma-ma!" she cried. And without a bat of an eye, Gladys did not even turn to her. Sol and I tried to distract the girl, but to no avail. Heartbreaking.

Before hand, I had a good time with Fabrizio, which is a first in several months. He stopped coming with us when we visit the boys' institute. I always made sure to say hello, but in general, he never was much of a talker. Yesterday, Javi had prepared the craft and on top of that we had visitors from Buenos Aires helping, so I stayed in the back to chat with my man Fabri. We talked about video games, and his family (I still remember the first time we met, and talking about his father Diego). I learned he has two brothers and one sister, but he doesn't hear much from them. All in all, lovely to get to focus my time with him.

There's the fact that we've had guests in and out of the house over the past week and a half. Yet another reason you haven't heard from me lately (and perhaps for the best, as I was pretty stressed, and I might've slipped in some complaints!).

The fact that it's already super hot, that while I know it won't be so cold when I go to Texas in less than a week (!), it will still make a whole lot of difference.

I'm reading Leviticus presently, and am thinking of preparing a sermonette about how Argentine asado probably smells a lot like our sins being taken away, while the panaderias are the smell of our guilt offerings. hehe.

I don't know what else to include, because it's all so important, and yet so very much, I couldn't possibly express everything I'm feeling and learning etc. etc. Mas que nada, God is wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better life! Chau!

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