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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Catholics - not half bad (wink)

I invited my good friend Noemi to dinner at the OM house this week as she was unable to come for our normal morning tea in the city center. I made a tuna tarta and steamed some broccoli and carrots together and only make note of it because it feels like an accomplishment sometimes when you can cook for others. Oops, too long of a sentence. Here is your chance to breathe.

Encouraging: having a much older woman ask you for advice about the Bible. We talked about all sorts of theological debates; from one-time salvation to the need for confession, to the immeasurable mercy of Jesus. Certainly, I am no expert, it's just fun to be included in these more heady discussions when one feels very young (someone thought I was fourteen today--HA!).

Noemi also made a point to share with me about visiting a friend's church last week where she supported the confirmation of said friend's daughter.

"You would never guess," she said to me. "But at this Catholic church, not once did I hear them pray to Mary, and everything the priest said about the Bible was accurate as far as I could tell."

I smiled, but understood. While I've discussed this fact before, that Cordoba, heck Argentina, isn't all that Catholic, it is interesting to hear about a Protestant background person who still thinks that all Catholics have it wrong. I explained to her as my mom had once explained to me:

"Not all Catholics go to heaven. But certainly not all Protestants go to heaven either!"

If you'd like a Biblical reference to this sort of thing, you can check out Matthew 25:34-46 as well as Matthew 7:21.

She at once agreed, and we continued the discussion. How are you and your feelings about other denominations?


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