Volunteering and traveling in Argentina to proclaim God's great love, and hopefully not getting sick along the way.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Talk to the person with whom I share my lane in swimming even if she is a complete stranger. She randomly asks me if I know a person (nick)named Coco. She is referring to the very one from my church. Through a 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon (remember that long night playing that game in Florida, Josh Crain??), we are connected, and it leads to her, Lucy, talking about God with others.

I have to make photocopies, but nothing is open. Giving up, I walk home and find myself at a libreria I had never seen before. The woman asks me what I am doing here any way, and out comes the story of Jesus.

Someone must guard the snacks at camp. Teacher comes to share mate and we get to talking. I wasn't as ready for this conversation, but it comes out any way. Even the smallest inconvenience leads to an explanation of the only reason worth serving others, because the Son of Man himself did not come to be served...

Finally, an inkling of a feeling that there is a message to give. I ask the pastor if there's any chance I could preach the Sunday before I leave. He says yes. The next day, he finds me to say that someone just asked him to preach that same Sunday, so it works out perfectly. Then another asks me to write devotions for a camp in late November.

My prayer recently has been to see the ways in which God has planted me here, for now, with a purpose. I want to use the gifts He's already given me, and not just be willing to do whatever (such as teaching teens how to make bracelets, even though certainly, that's all well and good).

Isn't this ministry? Better yet, isn't this the life of the Christian? I don't have to be in Argentina for God to work through me. I do like it better this way though.

Chau and a sonrisa, me.


  1. Hi Sharayah! This is Andrea. My husband mike and I were recently accepted to join the team in Córdoba. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and have shared it with some of our potential partners because you give a realistic view of the field. Because we are so excited we can tend to embellish things and we want to keep it real. Praying for you and the team today! In this world you will have trouble but take heart, I have overcome the world. John 16: 33

  2. yeah.. i saw that y'all were looking at the blog "los verdes"! I have been the one that has secretly been answering all of your questions as well--can you send me an email formally, so that we can talk and i can answer any other questions you might have?

    thanks for sharing the blog with others--i try to keep it real. haha. have a good one!

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    1. can you check my account? or look for me on facebook?