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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

That's twice now

Twice that I've prayed about adopting one of the kids here. Twice that the Lord has taken him to his house within a week after really, seriously, begging God to show me if it's His will, to adopt a kid.

The first was Rodrigo. He was a handful, but over time was becoming a sweet kid. I had told Sarah about my thoughts. That if he were to still be here by the time I was gone, I would see what it would take to bring him home with me.

I know, I know. It's insane. And not just a two word sentence kind of insane, but an all caps and larger font kind of insane.


I know how old I am. I know I'm a single girl. I know that when I return I wouldn't have a job lined up, nor would I have much money. Not to mention that I will be living with my parents.

But something just kept feeling right about the idea. I kept thinking about how these kids need someone that's consistent, even if it's just one side of things. And more importantly, they need God, and He would help me do my very best to show the young man His love. I just know it.

Two weeks after seriously praying about Rodrigo, a family took him in.

My mom had asked while I was home if I was thinking that way about Nahuel these days. It's no secret that while he too had his rough edges, he had been softening. Just yesterday, he gave me some of the sweetest hugs, and he's getting excited to receive his autitos, or Hot Wheels we bought for him and all the boys.

When she said it, I had definitely been thinking about it, but not praying as much. Ever since I got back, Nahuel's face kept popping up in my mind, and so I took things more seriously. 'Okay God,' I said. 'What is it that you want?'

I thought about what the process must be like; about how long it might take; how it would ruin my so-called plans. About how it would still be worth it.

Today, we played cards with some of the boys. Afterward, I asked for a final headcount so that I could best prepare their gifts for the Christmas party next week. They gave me a number that was less than I was thinking. "No Mariano?" I asked.

"Nope. And Nahuel is gone too."

They explained that he's with his family. Now, I don't know if that means just for the holidays. It might be some sort of confusion, but I'm wondering if that's not the case. As in, he's gone for good (double entendre).

So who's the insane one now? The one who is willing to adopt as a single 25 year old, or the ONE who keeps putting kids on my mind to start praying about and then providing a home for them?

Does this mean I should start praying for the one's I'm less inclined to adopt?

I have no clue. Chau!

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