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Sunday, December 4, 2011


I have been meaning to update my fellow readers on the various crafts that we've made with the institute boys and young mothers.

They have varied from home-made yo-yos, to table basketball, to what you see on the left. A Javi special Cornball game! I let him do the wood cutting, Betania and Flor to sew the beanbags, and I picked out the paints (and painted... most of it).

It was funny trying to teach the game. They still don't understand the scoring aspect of it, but I hope they enjoy it nonetheless. Makes woodworking another thing I want to add to my list of skills.
To the right, I had watched a Disney show on crafting for this idea. I also knew we had a whole bunch of various colored tissue paper in the back (perks of Operation Lumber Room).

So Flor and I cut away, and had a blast at the mom's institute where the various young'ns made fish or trees or houses--filling up the entire page!!

It's sort of fun preparing a new craft each week, though it can be tiring. If I'm good, I'll utilize my summer to prepare a list of things and buy the materials more than a couple days ahead of time to reduce the stress.

This week: the never-ending card. I watched this YouTube video on how to make it. Simple. Fun. And now funny, because I made each page be part of the conversation between those two vultures in the Jungle Book. Chau!

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