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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today. Today was one of the most fun and relaxing days with the boys. Today was also one where everyone was forced to leave the house for several hours so that this could be taken care of:

While last year we were bombarded with cockroaches, this was the year of the Scorpion, if China has a year for that. Now, I've only seen a couple, but apparently they are on rampage in our house. Which explains why this morning we had the house fumigated.

Thankfully, it fell in line with our time with the boys, so I wasn't inconvenienced at all. Chau alacranes :) !!

Any way, back to the boys...

We had no plans again. Just showed up and asked them what they wanted to do. It's good to have these days every now and then; something we don't have to be too tense about. So we went to the river with Sergio, Rodrigo (this would be the third one), and Gabriel (dos).

I joked, "Hey guys, we aren't allowed back in our house for lunchtime, so y'all should catch a couple fish for us so we can eat!"

Who knew that these boys were a regular Bear Grylls?

Sergio, a few minutes later, carried a 1.5 footer in his bare hand. About twenty minutes later, Rodrigo did the same. While Adam and I were talking about the boys on the shore, we watched Rodrigo walk toward us with his prize. He yelled at us that he was coming over. We turned..

.. and then he reached his free hand into the water and pulled out another.

[Jaw. Dropping.]

I mentioned that I was just reading Leviticus this morning about how to determine whether we were technically allowed to eat these fish. They had scales and fins, so check! haha

Gabriel was on shore in the mean time, and he was throwing rocks at the birds. Boys will be boys was the theme for the day. All I could do was laugh, because in a silly way, it was also kind of adorable. These kids could have this freedom to play like boys play.

We returned to a scorpion-free zone. Enjoyed some chicken, and other non-essential life in Argentina details. Chau!

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