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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Days come and days go

Today's post is more of a diary entry than a reflection on life in general. In part, I wanted to share with everyone things I am doing; in part, I wanted to prove that I am not wasting away the days (although I do my share of that as well haha.. details to come).

Today I met with Paloma again, to read the Bible. I wasn't as prepared this time because I focused the morning on cooking. Quesadillas. And they were scrumptious:

(hey, another excuse to finally post a picture I suppose)
So we read Jeremiah 1 together, and stumbled through some thoughts that we could muster. I wish I had prepared more.

I suppose I could blame last night, having gone to teenager Mily's house for her 15th birthday. They are going to have the official celebration March 9, since the 15th is the more important birthday for girls here than the 16th, but they had a little get together yesterday which I well.. obviously attended. We had a nice chat late into the night, under the stars.

And before that there was the girls' institute, where the three that are currently living there made personalized notebooks so we can organize all of their bracelet designs and cooking recipes together and not just rely on mine (which I often forget to bring). Tomorrow we are supposed to make alfajores de maicena :)

Or there was the fact that Tuesday was spent all day in Villa Retiro, just north of the city, with a bunch of missionaries, or soon-to-be missionaries, who had gathered for a conference. I was inspired by a guy named Rodolfo, who does Bible translation. The stories he told about watching a village in Brazil transform through the Word of God blew me away (and hey, I even got a free caramello out of it for guessing how many variations of vowel sounds their language has. I guessed the exact number  -- 46 -- without batting an eye. But don't worry, I was very surprised, as were the rest when he said that I was right). It impacted me to think about the fact that not only was it the first time for the people to hear about Jesus, but it was the first time many of them had even learned to read and write.

It led to a question Paloma and I wrestled with today: what excuses do we have that impede us from sharing the gospel? Why isn't it enough to remember that God is with us?

I was also able to sell some books while I was there, making a little money for the OM team and any possible ministry that might need it in the future. Always a plus.

In general, I am just cleaning the house without end. Organizing rooms (especially my own), throwing a lot of things away, and making room for future guests. Sometimes I play the sax, sometimes I play the uke. I waste time watching Friday Night Lights (almost shamelessly) and... Gossip Girl (completely shamefully).

I have hung out with Sol, where we played Skip Bo (I finally beat her), and another time where I introduced her to the beauty that is Princess Bride. Oh, and went to the movies with Coco, Mauro B., and Sol last week to watch Life of Pi. LOVED. Great conversations with Sol and Paloma, and another new friend, Aye (pronounced Ah-zhe). There's swimming three times a week where I struggle a little with not having the definitive swimming lanes. Not because I can't swim straight.. um.. well.. haha. No, it's more because the buoys help soften the blow of waves created by other swimmers. Puts the idiomatic expression "tirando onda" to a whole new level! (points to you if you get what I mean)

It's very hot here, but it has been nice to have fans for almost every room. It doesn't feel as bad as I felt that first summer was. Am I getting used to it? I dunno..

Well, I suppose this is all I can think of for now. It's been real. No, to tell the truth, I am enjoying the house to myself. I also know that I will enjoy having others around in a short while!


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