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Monday, February 20, 2012

All sorts of things

All sorts of things happen. It's impossible to be completely faithful to write down everything that comes my way. Here are some highlights that are at least worthy of mention (maybe):

Don Hammond was here again and we enjoyed the team retreat with his various words of wisdom which were then repeated at a three day conference with a local church. I sold books. haha

I had an amazing conversation with one of the couples on our team. I got to translate for them actually, as they were speaking with Don. It wore me out, as well as convicted me, for many of the truths that they were saying. I praise God for that time together.

I finished Starving Jesus and thought about the fact that I had watched the video of them before. I didn't make the connection until the end, and found the book that much greater. All of my doubts and concerns that I had had, came back and I find that you shouldn't have one without the other. Video plus book, that is.

Had dinner with Maria Elena and family, and was reminded of how much I love and had missed them. It was wonderful to reunite and be better at Spanish to have fuller conversations about that we have learned over the summer. I look forward to continuing eating with her for my second year. I can't believe it's already been almost one and a half years of meeting in her home! What a wonderful woman.

The house now has several new things for which I am thankful: Laura, our new team mate. A dish rack. And last, but not least, a new washer!!!

Made my first tuna, macaroni and cheese casserole. Appears to have been a success.

Umm.. yeah.. basically we are in the planning stages of the year, so I don't have all that much to report. They are details to taking care of business. Meetings mostly. Phone calls are in there. Putting order to my room so it's not a cause of stress with all the planning schtuff. etc. etc.

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