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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How many..

How many OMers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Okay, actually it's changing a light completely, and it might have all started from a mistake of mine. I bought the wrong size bulb. Which led me to look for an alternative light fixture, which I found in the back.

Which is also the wrong size for the hole that we have.

But I read the instructions and watched a YouTube video. Turned off the electricity and was prepared to do all the work, when I got confused by the wiring. When you give a mouse a cookie...

So I called for back up: Javi and Adam.
The moment was hilarious for two, maybe three reasons.

First of all, Adam is still learning Spanish, and Javi is still learning English, so most of the communication was very caveman-like: grunts. "Si!" more grunts. "No!" hehe

Then there was the sharing of the culture and the various "changing of the light bulb" jokes that those from the US use.

And finally, before calling it a night, we went to flip on the light only to find it not screwed in all the way. After a couple more grunts, Javi just said we'd figure it out tomorrow.

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