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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pay attention

The other night, I had a dream. If you read my blog often, you know how much I pay attention, or try to at least, to dreams.

We of the OM household were all minding our own business when a storm started to brew. Granted, it was actually raining outside, but in the dream it was mainly the clouds that startled me. They were dark, green.. the kind of clouds that one would expect a tornado to come down any minute (thanks to all my years of living and Texas, and too many viewings of Twister).

My inner Bear Grylls began thinking of where we would hide ourselves, to avoid the storm. No place in the house seemed suitable. I finally sat down in a corner in my room, and watched as the darkness, the black clouds themselves, entered through the windows of our house. While I tried to cry out a prayer, a faint whisper of "Jesus we need you" was all that could escape my lips. And then I woke up. Giving thanks that God saved me from that darkness.

Today, Eva mentioned that she had a bad dream as well. She was in an unknown building with her parents. Some hooligans from the street busted in, and she intervened between one of them and her mom. The burly man addressed her, "Do you know what I can do to your mom?" Then she woke up.

So I shared with her my dream, and we were both a little startled.

After lunch, I was reading a devotional. About Pharoah's dreams. Then there was a short story about a woman's dream. One in which she felt God was telling her to prepare for the times ahead.

So I began to wonder. Is there a storm brewing?

Looks like I need to be praying, at the very least! The good news is, the verse at the end of the part I read from Genesis explains that God will give the answer he desires for us. In this I can trust, because He is good. love and chau!

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