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Monday, March 11, 2013

The church can dance

Went to Mily's 15th birthday on Saturday. I find it funny that while her birthday is in January, we celebrated in March. Though it's understandable, because when it comes to raising money for things like that, you have to wait.

The father talked on Sunday about their worries as a family to cover the celebration, as it is a Latin tradition to go all out for the girls on their coming-of-age birthday. "I told my wife that we needed to pray, and God provided everything."

He said this and much more, wishing to thank the congregation for their support of Milagros on Saturday. "We were so happy to see everyone there, and we loved all the comments we got afterward."

Cuarteto is one of the famous dances in Argentina, with its birthplace in Córdoba. It's sort of a polka mixed with rock sound; almost always with very cheesy lyrics. The dance itself is very My-Big-Fat-Greek-Wedding if you will. People holding hands in a circle, going in and out, the feet moving in a basic square shape (and of course a little hip action--this is Latin America folks!).

And practically everyone from the church was on the dance floor! It was a beautiful sight. Mily's friends from high school lingered on the outskirts, hardly involved. Someone asked Mily's dad who we were. When he explained we were from the church, she was shocked--"These people dancing and laughing.. not what I expected."

Perhaps she should read about Jesus' first miracle..

love and chau!

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