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Monday, February 18, 2013

These shoes are too big

You know what they say about people with big shoes..

I immediately think of Kyle Snow, personally. Maybe a little about Ashton Hooper as well (wink).

Seriously though, being a leader comes with so much. I am looking at the hour, and I am looking at my list of responsibilities.. I can only praise God that I am not alone in this. So grateful for the opportunity to be co-leader of OM in Córdoba, yet at the same time:


That turns out to be the point. As I was talking with a friend today, it slipped from my own mouth how God always used little people to prove to others that it was (is) God at work in them. The miracles didn't (don't) come from the wee little one (ahh! visions of Hobbits dancing in her head!).

You can't mistake impulsive and denying Peter for the one who got the movement of the church started--that was the work of the Holy Spirit in Peter.

And so I pray the HS works in me. I need your prayers as well!

love and chau (for now.. I know there is much more to write about especially these day, but this will have to do)!

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